Russia and Turkey after the coup

by Stefan Hedlund The attempted military coup in Turkey arrived as yet another nasty surprise for a Europe in desperate need of stability. The initial response from Western governments was relief that it had not succeeded. But that relief was soon to be laced with increasing apprehension about the potentially negative geopolitical consequences. Turkish President

02 Aug 2016

Why is Venezuela starving?

by Federico N. Fernández* ** The world, once again, is looking at Venezuela in shock and awe. For the past two weekends we have witnessed how desperate Venezuelans masses cross the border to Colombia to buy food, medicine, and supplies. The border, by the way, was closed by Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro himself in August

25 Jul 2016

From the 1956 Suez Canal Crisis to the Turkey’s 2016 Failed Coup: Geopolitics and a Series of Dreams

by John Charalambakis Somewhere in the middle of the Pacific last weekend over dinner with Bob Zimmerman the lyrics of his song “A Series of Dreams” echoed in my ears. The attempted coup in Turkey was falling apart in the midst of geopolitical uncertainties from Asia (and the pertinent sea-related disputes in the South China

21 Jul 2016

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